The products were produced from best quality of cattle, there are

Charolais Cattle

Angus Cattle

Brahman Cattle

Beef Products

Beef Scalded Omasum / Beef Omasum

Beef Crude Omasum

Beef Omasum Trimming

Beef Scald Tripe Piece / Beef Tripe Piece /Beef Cooked Tripe

Beef Raw Tripe / Beef Crude Tripe

Beef Scalded Honeycomb / Beef Honeycomb

Beef Scalded Omasum Caps /Beef Omasum Caps

Beef Mountain Chain

Beef Small Intestine

Beef  Scalded Abomasum /Beef Abomasum

Beef Cheek Meat

Beef Head Meat

Beef Tongue Tip

Beef Tongue Meat

Beef Lips

Beef Tongue

Beef Mixed Offals

Beef Tendon

Beef Gall Concentrate

Beef Bile in Bag

Beef Gall Bladder

Beef Liver

Beef Lungs

Beef Spleen

Beef Fetus  

Beef Placenta

Beef Udder

Beef Feet

Beef Tails

Beef Heart

Beef Kidney

Pork Products

Pork Uteri  

Pork Sow Uteri

Pork Sow Udder